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  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection

    What is respiratory syncytial virus infection? Respiratory syncytial virus infection, usually called RSV, is a lot like a bad cold. It causes the same symptoms. And like a cold, it is very common and very contagious. Most children have had it at least once by age 2. RSV is usually...

  • Alkaline Phosphatase Test

    An alkaline phosphatase (ALP) test measures the amount of the enzyme ALP in the blood. ALP is made mostly in the liver and in bone with some made in the intestines and kidneys. It also is made by the placenta of a pregnant woman. The liver makes more ALP than...

  • Mumps

    What is mumps? Mumps is a contagious viral infection that can cause painful swelling of the salivary glands, especially the parotid glands (between the ear and the jaw). Some people with mumps won't have gland swelling. They may feel like they have a bad cold or the flu instead. Mumps...

  • Tourette's Disorder

    What is Tourette's disorder? Tourette's disorder is a brain condition that starts in childhood. Children with Tourette's make sounds or movements–such as coughing or twitching–that they can't control. These are called tics. Tics usually start at about age 2. They may be at their worst by age 12. Tics tend...

  • Tooth Extraction

    Describes surgery to remove a tooth that is damaged. Discusses why surgery is done and how well it works. Covers what to expect after surgery. Covers possible risks. Offers home care tips.

  • HIV: Stages of Infection

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classifies untreated HIV infection into three stages: CDC stages of HIV infection Acute retroviral syndrome: This is an illness with symptoms like mononucleosis. It often develops within a few days of infection with HIV, but it also may...

  • Surgery for Ovarian Cysts

    Looks at surgery for ovarian cysts. Explains why surgery is done and how well it works. Discusses what to expect after surgery. Covers risk and points to consider when facing surgery for ovarian cysts.

  • Asthma and GERD

    Learn more about Detail at

  • Taking Care of Yourself When Your Child Is Sick

    Having a sick child can be very tiring. Taking care of yourself is an important part of helping your child recover. Here are some things to try: Share the responsibility of care with your partner, relatives, or other support persons. Remember to rest when your child is resting. If you...

  • Wisdom Tooth Problems

    Looks at possible problems with wisdom teeth. Covers symptoms and how problems are diagnosed. Covers treatment options, including surgery. Offers home care tips.

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